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Count Alan Road, Winthorpe, Skegness, Lincs. PE25 1HB Telephone: 01754 764689 Email:

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Meet our Staff

We are lucky to have a new team of outstanding staff working at Seathorne Primary.


Mrs M Cherry - Headteacher

Deputy Head

Mr A Leeman - Deputy Headteacher & Director of Learning for Vulnerable Groups

Lead Teacher for Gifted and Talented

Mr Cherry

Teaching Staff


Mrs D Burry - EYFS and Key Stage 1 Leader


Miss Bell

Mrs Massey

Year 1

Miss Hall

Ms O’Callaghan

Mrs Farrow

Year 2

Mrs Trevitt-Piercey

Mrs Trevitt

Mr Walker

Year 3

Miss Moss

Miss Cotton-Betteridge

Year 4

Mr Christopher

Miss Angelico

Year 5

Mrs Brader - Literacy Leader

Miss Kerr

Year 6

Mr Baker - Math Leader

Mr Wood - Key Stage 2 Leader

Classroom Support Staff

Mrs S Armstrong

Mrs A Bardovskis

Mrs L Beardsall

Mrs H Brown

Miss J Foster

Miss C Lee

Miss G Miller

Miss J Moss

Mrs J Noden

Mrs A North

Miss E Leybourne

Mrs M Parish

Miss L Reeves, HLTA

Mrs E Robinson

Mr L Sanford

Mrs J Taylor, HLTA

Mrs A Walsh

Inclusion Officers

Mr A Harrison

Mrs B Davies

Learning Mentors

Mrs S Cook

Miss A Marwood

Family Welfare Officer

Mrs D Croxford

Clerical Staff

Mrs C Davison - School Business Manager

Mrs M Smith - Administrator

Miss S Lee - Receptionist

Caretaking Staff

Mr M Guest - Site Manager


Mrs Cookson

Mrs Crookes

Mrs A Dreher

Mrs G Taylor

Mid-day Support Staff

Mrs Parish - Senior Mid day Supervisor

Mid-day Supervisory Assistants

Mrs J Chaffer

Mrs A Clift

Mrs Cookson

Mrs M Crookes

Mrs A Dreher

Mrs J Fletcher

Mrs Young

Mrs K Wilkinson

Breakfast Club

Mrs M Parish - Breakfast Club Supervisor

Breakfast Club Assistants

Mrs S Clarke

Mrs A Walsh

Adventurers After-School Club

Supervisor - Miss H Poyser

Assistant - Mrs D Young.