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Hurricane Class

Hello, hello, hello and welcome to Hurricane class!

The children have all settled in well to school life and have been enjoying lots of interesting and inspirational activities. During term 5 we will continue with these activities and supporting children in all areas of development.

If you have any questions, queries, concerns or worries please let us know, we understand that starting school is a HUGE milestone for your little people (and you!) and want to make the the leap as easy as possible. Having a strong line of communication between home and school will ensure that we can best cater to the needs of your individual child and help them feel happy, settled and confident both in and out of school.' 

Take a peek inside our classroom...

Star and Citizen:

So far this term our Star Learners have been Cherry, Oscar, Rio and Brodie for doing some brilliant work in all aspects of their learning.

So far this term our Citizen's have been Grace, Chloe, Kasey and Kala-Rae for being fantastic role models within the class. 

Dates for your Diary

Term 5 ends on Friday 26th May.
Term 6 begins on Monday 5th June.
Reception school trip on Friday 9th June.
Pirate themed Topic WOW day Wednesday 14th June
Den Day Thursday 15th June.
Reception Sports day Wednesday 12th July.
Reception Graduation Monday 17th July. 

Down on the farm

This term children will have the opportunity to learn all about farms. We will be discussing things we find in a farmyard, learning facts about farm animals and their habitats, growing our own plants, making orange juice and learning about scarecrows. 

Parent Stay and Play

At the end of each term we have a stay and play. Last term children and their parents enjoyed drawing, building and lots of other activities.


In Mathematics we will be learning how to double and halve numbers and begin to learn about money, which we can use to buy fruit and vegetables from the role play farm shop. We will continue to look at shape, space and measure by ordering vegetables by length, height and weight. 

Here is some of our Maths learning from last term: 

You can support your child at home by:
Sharing out objects between people so everyone has the same amount. Additionally encourage children to look at the price of items in a shop. How much is it for a drink? How much change will they get?


This term we will continue with RWI, our phonics program where children will continue to learn new sounds. Children will continue to bring home their reading book. Please ensure your child’s book is in school on their reading day and let an adult know if you would like it changing on a different day. Literacy sessions based on our topics will continue along with shared reading and a weekly writing session, which will focus on letter formation and name writing. Our focus this term is for children to use there phonic knowledge to write words and develop these into simple sentences.

Look at our super writing so far this term! 

You can support your child at home by:
Reading their school book with them regularly, talking about the pictures in the story and asking children questions to support their understanding. Continue to support and encourage your child to practice writing their names at home including their surname and give them opportunities to write e.g. writing cards and invitations or shopping lists.

Expressive arts and design

This term we will continue with our music and art sessions. We will continue to explore the sounds of instruments and make things that we find on a farm. We will be experimenting with paint to make different colours whilst making our own scarecrows. 

Understanding of the world

This term we will be finding out all about farms including what animals live on a farm, similarities and differences in their habitats and lots of interesting facts about scarecrows. We will also learn how to grow plants and vegetables and how to make our own orange juice. 

Children will continue to have access to the Ipads, developing their technology skills. 

During circle times, we will be talking about lots of places that are special to us. 

Communication and Language

This is an important aspect of our curriculum and underpins all other areas of learning and development. Our focus this term will be on listening to stories and anticipating key events, giving our attention to what others say, answering how and why questions, and expressing ourselves effectively. 

Personal, Social and Emotional development

This term we will continue with our weekly circle times. Our focus this term is learn to explain our own knowledge and understanding and ask appropriate questions of others, To say why we like some activities more than others and to work as part of a group or class to follow the rules. 

Physical Development

This term we will continue with our handwriting session to support children's name writing and letter formation. PE lessons will continue on a Monday and this term we will be doing lots of throwing and catching using bean bags and different size balls and hoops. 

Other information

  • Please make sure all uniform is labelled with your child's name. It makes it much easier to ensure jumpers make it back to their owners. 
  • As the summer months are approaching please make sure your child has a sunhat to wear when outdoors. 
  • Please bring a water bottle in for your child to use during the day. This will be sent home at the end of each night.  
  • P.E kits are brought in on Mondays and taken home on Fridays. We like to keep the children active so please ensure that your child has their PE kit in school (white T -shirt, black shorts and black pumps).