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Hercules Class

Welcome from Mrs Trevitt-Piercey, Miss Trevitt and Mrs Noden.  

Diary Dates

We are going to Snipe Dales on the 12th of July on a school trip.

We are having our Sports Day on the 14th July.

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Term 5


We will be ensuring the children are fully prepared for the SATs which they will be undertaking in May and that they have the necessary number and literacy skills before they begin their journey into Key Stage 2 in September. We shall send you further details nearer the time about how you can support your child. Please let us remind you that holidays should really be avoided at this important part of the year.

In term 5, we will be continuing with our dinosaur topic. The children are all so enthralled with the topic and we have lots more learning to focus on too.  We have plans to make dinosaur skeletons out of clay, be palaeontologists and uncover dinosaur fossils buried under sand as well as look at the different theories about how dinosaurs became extinct.  We will incorporate this element into our English learning too when we look at explanation texts.

Red Nose Day


In Science, our topic is plants. We will look at the life cycle of plants and carry out experiments to find out what plants need to grow.

We will be growing our own plants and observing how they change.

We will investigate our school environment and begin to identify common plants and trees found there.


In PE, we will be going swimming every Tuesday beginning in week 1. The cost will be £2.00 which covers the coach there and back.  Your child will need to bring a bag with their costume/trunks and a towel.


In RE, the topic will be ‘The Good Earth- Giving Thanks’. This topic is to emphasise the importance of looking after our world. We will explore ways of caring for our environment.


In English, we will be focusing on the non-negotiables which are the English elements the children need to be secure on by the end of year 2. 
We will be consolidating correct sentence construction as well as fine tuning our sentences to improve the quality by using a range of conjunctions to link our sentences together. 

We will be learning to start our sentences in different ways and adding detail by using adjectives and adverbs.

We will be doing this in the context of non-fiction writing, poetry and story writing which we always try and link in with our topic.


In Numeracy, we will be revisiting previous topics to consolidate the children’s learning and move it forward too.

We will begin by looking at measures and length, weight and capacity where we will learn about the different units of measure as well as reading scales.  We will then be revisiting fractions. We will be learning what the fraction is actually telling us and finding fractions of shapes and numbers.  We will be looking at finding 1/2, 1/4 , 2/4, and 1/3 of numbers.

We will also be doubling and halving numbers, looking at two and three digit numbers and adding and subtracting larger numbers using different strategies. 

We will be ensuring the children are secure with counting forwards and backwards in different multiples and able to continue a sequence of numbers and fill in missing numbers for e.g: 16  14  12  ___  8   6   ___ .


If there are any numeracy questions you would like to ask us then please do not hesitate to talk to us.

Dinosaur Day

We had a fantastic time on our dinosaur Wow day!!  Professor Plater came in to our classrooms and showed us lots of real dinosaur fossils.  He showed us a real triceratops leg bone and an allosaurus skull along with many other fossils of dinosaur claws and teeth. 

In the afternoon we recreated our own fossils, did fossil rubbings and put together a T-Rex skeleton. We also put music to a dinosaur story and read some fantastic dinosaur stories as well as listening to funny dinosaur songs which the children loved.
We hope you enjoy looking at some of our photographs of the day.

Sports Activity Morning

Golden Hour

As a reward for not receiving a single stage for two whole terms, Hercules class were given a 'golden hour' on our first afternoon back following the Christmas holidays.  The children were able to choose from skittles, colouring, puppet shows and a selection of board games. The children really enjoyed it and they all worked really well in their groups.  We finished with some games of duck, duck, goose and the 'Hello' game which they find really funny!  

The children thoroughly deserved this treat and we felt very special being the only class in the school to receive this reward!

Problem Solving

We have been using our knowledge of multiplication and division to solve problems and place the cards in the correct order. It was even quicker if we could use our count in 2s, 5s,10s, 3s or 4s! 

We wrote letters to Santa

Testing sycamore seeds

We have been looking at the ways that plants get their seeds away so that they have room to grow. Sycamore seeds have a wing to help them to spin away from the tree. We made paper sycamore seeds and tested what would happen if we changed the length of the wing. It was great fun and we found out that longer wings fall more slowly to the ground and short wings fall more quickly.

Our science photo trail

The children went on a photo trail around the school grounds. They were trying to identify the objects that could help them complete their photo sheet. The children had great fun trying to identify what each object was and whether it was living or non living.