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Hercules Class

Welcome from Mrs Trevitt-Piercey, Miss Trevitt and Mrs Noden.  

Our topic in term 6 is The Great Outdoors!

We cannot believe that we are in term 6 already! 
We have saved this topic for term 6 hoping that the weather will be kind to us and we can use our lovely school grounds to really immerse ourselves in The Great Outdoors by carrying out lots of learning outside.

We want to take a more geographical aspect within this topic and will look at weather patterns throughout the term.  This will teach the children about temperature and rainfall and will link in nicely to our maths learning too. 

Our design element this term is to design and evaluate a sandwich.  The children will be creating their own sandwich giving their reasons for their choice.  They will then make it at school and we are hoping to invite parents in for a picnic followed by an activity afternoon.

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Healthy Eating Fun!


In Science, we are continuing with our topic of plants.  We will be observing our bean seeds growth and planting our own vegetables! 

We will then move onto identifying and naming a variety of common wild and garden plants within our school grounds, including deciduous and evergreen trees.

We will also be looking at and identifying the basic structure of a variety of common flowering plants, including trees.


In RE, year 2 will be exploring their own ideas about God.  We will learn about appreciating other’s beliefs and begin to understand the importance of prayer to many people.


In PE, the coach will be teaching the children tennis skills. This is perfect for our summer term and something I think the children will thoroughly enjoy.  We are not quite sure which day PE will be on next term but please ensure that your child brings their PE kit on a Monday and leaves it at school for the week as we may have a few impromptu sports day practices too.  The children will need a full PE kit, including plimsolls or trainers.  Please ensure their PE kit is in line with Seathorne’s school uniform - black shorts and a white t-shirt.


In Numeracy, we will be using the SATs results as well as our on going assessments to see where the children may need further input before they go into Year 3. 

The topics will include:
-number – including partitioning, sequencing and ordering.
-calculating – all the four operations and in particular the relationship between the operations of add, subtract and then multiply and divide.
-measures – including mass and capacity.

We will be focusing on word problems too, relating to measures (money, time, length, capacity and mass).

If there are any numeracy questions you would like to ask us then please do not hesitate to talk to us.


In Literacy, we will be consolidatiing correct sentence construction as well as fine tuning our sentences.  We will improve the quality of sentences by starting them in different ways and linking them together with a variety of conjunctions, like; while, after, but and when.

We will be doing all this in the context of non-fiction writing, poetry and story writing which we always try and link in with our topic.

We will be continuing with our daily guided reading sessions encouraging the children to gain a deeper understanding of the texts they read as well as our SPAG (Spelling, punctuation and grammar) lessons on a Monday.

Useful Information

The homework tasks are continued from term 5 and are Science based.  Charlie’s challenge and Ted’s teasers will also continue to be given out when your child returns their homework book with their sheet completed in the time.  Please do not feel that they should be able to complete them in the time limit straight away – the idea is that they keep practising until they can.  This may mean a few times or it may mean 30 times – the more they practise the quicker they will become.

In term 6, we will be taking the children on an exciting trip to Snipe Dales (12th July.)  We have planned it to fit in perfectly with our topic and will be completing lots of exciting outdoor activities.  To ensure the children’s utmost safety, we would like to take several adult helpers to enable us to have smaller groups.  If you could spare a day to help us, we would be very grateful.  We are very excited about our trip as we know the children will love every minute! We are crossing our fingers for good weather!  Further details will be sent out next term.

Snipe Dales trip – Wednesday 12th July
Sports day – Friday 14th July at 1.30pm

Thank you Letters

Dinosaur Day

We had a fantastic time on our dinosaur Wow day!!  Professor Plater came in to our classrooms and showed us lots of real dinosaur fossils.  He showed us a real triceratops leg bone and an allosaurus skull along with many other fossils of dinosaur claws and teeth. 

In the afternoon we recreated our own fossils, did fossil rubbings and put together a T-Rex skeleton. We also put music to a dinosaur story and read some fantastic dinosaur stories as well as listening to funny dinosaur songs which the children loved.
We hope you enjoy looking at some of our photographs of the day.

Sports Activity Morning

Golden Hour

As a reward for not receiving a single stage for two whole terms, Hercules class were given a 'golden hour' on our first afternoon back following the Christmas holidays.  The children were able to choose from skittles, colouring, puppet shows and a selection of board games. The children really enjoyed it and they all worked really well in their groups.  We finished with some games of duck, duck, goose and the 'Hello' game which they find really funny!  

The children thoroughly deserved this treat and we felt very special being the only class in the school to receive this reward!

Problem Solving

We have been using our knowledge of multiplication and division to solve problems and place the cards in the correct order. It was even quicker if we could use our count in 2s, 5s,10s, 3s or 4s! 

We wrote letters to Santa

Testing sycamore seeds

We have been looking at the ways that plants get their seeds away so that they have room to grow. Sycamore seeds have a wing to help them to spin away from the tree. We made paper sycamore seeds and tested what would happen if we changed the length of the wing. It was great fun and we found out that longer wings fall more slowly to the ground and short wings fall more quickly.

Our science photo trail

The children went on a photo trail around the school grounds. They were trying to identify the objects that could help them complete their photo sheet. The children had great fun trying to identify what each object was and whether it was living or non living.