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Typhoon Class

This term, our topic is: Teeth and Claws!

We will be learning about dinosaurs!  

We know the children will love to learn lots of information about dinosaurs and this topic lends itself to being really creative with our learning.  The children will be totally immersed in the world of dinosaurs and will have lots of fun being palaeontologists for a few weeks! 

We will be looking at dinosaurs from a historical angle, placing them on a time line to try and get the children to understand how long ago dinosaurs actually lived and what the world would have looked like then.  We will also cement our learning on continents from term 3 by looking at where dinosaurs lived in the world. 
Our DT element of topic will involve making a dinosaur with moving parts which the children will design themselves.

We will be having a visit from a real Professor of palaeontology to show us some dinosaur fossils and lots of artefacts.  He will also carry out some fascinating workshops with the children.


In Numeracy last term, we really focused on number by looking at addition and subtraction in detail as well as place value, sequence of numbers, missing number sentences, etc.  Therefore this term we will be looking at measures including time, money, mass and capacity as well as the rounding of numbers to the nearest 10 and 100. We will also be continuing to apply our maths skills in problem solving activities and working on our mental maths skills too.


In Literacy, we will continue with read, write inc or literacy.  In literacy this term we will look at poetry and the structure of poems.  We will link with topic and write dinosaur poems. 

We will also be writing explanation texts, again, linking to topic where we can.  We will be working on the children’s understanding of the layout of an explanation text as well as its purpose.  We will write it for an audience and will be amazing the year 1 children with our fantastic facts!


In Science this term we will complete our work on materials. We will think about how the shapes of some solid objects can be changed by squashing, bending, twisting and stretching. Our topic will end by considering ways in which we can reuse objects, thinking carefully about the properties that make them suitable for alternative uses.

For the remainder of the term we will be looking at the basic needs of humans. We will learn about food groups and use this knowledge to create a healthy diet. To link with this we will also look briefly at keeping fit.


In R.E this term, we will be continuing with our learning about Jewish and Christian special books.  We will be learning and sharing bible stories and expressing these through art, drama and writing.

Useful Information

In readiness for P.E, please ensure your child has their P.E kit at school on a Monday. As a reminder, school kit is black shorts or black tracksuit bottoms, a white t-shirt (with a black tracksuit top - optional), with trainers or plimsolls.

Homework is continuing with the Ted’s teasers, which will really help the children with their mental skills if practised daily.  We DO NOT expect the children to be able to complete them in 1 minute and 30 seconds on the first attempt, it might be a good idea to do them verbally without writing the answers down until your child is able to complete them in the time limit.  It may take weeks for them to be able to complete one sheet in the time allocation but that doesn’t matter, it’s more important that they grasp them well before moving on to the next level.

Please also remember that your child has spellings in their homework book to practise too.  The highlighted words are the ones they can already spell.  We assess the children every term and you can then see how they are progressing with these important words.

If your child has any books or anything that links with our topic at all, please feel free to bring them in.  The children always love to share their resources and their knowledge!

Clare Cunningham

The children were all excited to do some exercise with Olympic hero Clare Cunningham. They were pushed to the limit and had great fun! Clare was then kind enough to meet the children and show them the gold medal she won at the Olympic Games. Everyone took turns in holding and examining the medal.

We wrote some letters to Santa!

Our science photo trail

The children went on a photo trail around the school grounds. They were trying to identify the objects that could help them complete their photo sheet. The children had great fun trying to identify what each object was and whether it was living or non living.