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Children in Year 6 should spend at least 15 minutes reading per day. Please encourage your child to read independently as well as with an adult and record this in their reading log.


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Welcome from Mr Wood, Miss Lee and all the children of our Year 6 class.

Learning in Action

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This term, we have another history based topic where we will be learning all about the Tudors.  Please encourage your child to do their own research and bring their findings into school. Check the weekly homework tasks through the link in the sidebar for some ideas.”


We will be covering various writing styles, including narrative, biographies and autobiographies, formal writing,  argument and discussion texts, and poetry.  Please help at home by giving your child access to a wide range of reading opportunities that can be found around the home, such as: newspapers, leaflets, instructions, as well as their reading book.  Our main focus this term will be their use of a more formal writing style. As before, there will be daily guided reading and grammar, punctuation and spelling sessions in addition to daily English lessons.  


We will be covering a broad range of areas including shape and space, data handling, number and problem solving.  Remember to see our website for any methods that you can help your child with at home, and the full maths policy is also available to download.  Your child will take a weekly timed mental arithmetic test to help prepare them for the end of year SATs.  Please help them to learn their times tables alongside reinforcing maths in everyday life, such as: telling the time and reading timetables, counting money and reading scales.


Founders of faith and their importance today, including Henry VIII’s Church of England.


Designing, writing and debugging programs, using sequence, selection and repetition.

Art and Design, Design and Technology

Tudor inspired portraiture and Tudor purses


Ordnance Survey symbols and 6 figure grid references. Time zones around the worlds and calculating them.

Modern Foreign Language – Spanish

Family, Animals, Colours, Counting to 20 and Days of the week


Exploring journeys through music, with a focus on songs that can be sung in combination.


‘Going for Goals’ and ‘It’s Good to be Me’, looking at setting personal goals and aspirations, whilst celebrating our own skills and talents.


Light as well as Living things in their habitat: taught by Mr Cherry